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Free Delivery

Free Delivery
Watch The Delivery Process

We are experts when it comes to smooth, effortless shed delivery. That’s why we proudly offer FREE delivery if you live within 50 miles of Amish Pride Sheds!

Delivery Process

Amish Pride Sheds will contact you to schedule a delivery date and time once your building is ready, so there is no need to jump through hoops to get your order! If your building is custom, it will take around three to four weeks to build. Your designated delivery driver will call you once they are en route.

While we fully recommend you be present for the delivery of your building. However, if you are not able to, please have the shed’s location marked with four flags (one for each corner) and another flag to signify the front door’s location.


Site Preparation

A building can be a valuable investment. That’s why it is extremely important to ensure the site for your building is properly prepared. Your building must be level to maintain quality for years to come.

If you don’t have a concrete pad or limestone patch pre-made for your new shed, we offer block site preparation. This form of site prep has become increasingly popular in the storage building industry over the years. It’s effective because it keeps the building level and off the ground, perfect for preventing water damage to the floors of your investment. Ideally, your site should be no more than 8” off of level for the block site prep to be installed by your delivery driver. Basically, what happens is 2” or 4” thick concrete blocks are placed on the ground starting on the uphill side of the building, then leveled from there. Blocks are placed approximately every 6’ under every 4×4 runner. Shims and treated wedges are used when needed. The mule (machine similar to a forklift specifically used for storage buildings) will usually be used to set your buildings on the blocks. A 6’ area on each end of the building is needed to maneuver the building.

Please know where you want to place your building before it’s delivered. Mark the four corners and measure to make sure your building will fit in the space you want it. There will need to be a clear path to the location for delivery that is 2 feet wider than your building and at least 14 feet high.


Schedule A Appointment With Your Local Dealer

Fill out the form and a authorized Sheds Direct, Inc. dealer will contact you to schedule a face-to-face appointment.